My review of two books on consciousness for the TLS is available here

My review of Endre Begby's Book Prejudice: A study in Non-Ideal Epistemology is now available on the Phil Quarterly website here. If you don't have access to that, you can find a penultimate version here.   


I reviewed Liz Lenz's book Belabored: a Vindication of the Rights of Pregnant Women for the TLS here.

I reviewed Philippa Perry's The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read and Emily Oster's Cribsheet for the TLShere.

And I reviewed Twin Peaks: The Return for the Oxonian Review here


Talks etc.

I gave a talk at the Moral Sciences Club in Cambridge on Search Engines. Listen to the audio.

Here's a video recording of a zoom session at the SSP I took part in on philosophy of vision science, organised by Chaz Firestone and Kevin Lande. 

Here's an audio recording of me giving a talk at LSE on "Base rate neglect in the service of modal knowledge"

I was interviewed for the podcast Hear This Idea. You can listen here